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This video shows the blue course, but with a couple of black course tee positions..

360° Tour

Check out our virtual course tour.  Similar to Google street view you can pan around and zoom in on both courses.

QP Open

The 2020 QP Open was held on 4-5th July.
No date set as yet for the 2021 QP Open 

In response to the end of national lockdown, the introduction of the tier system and the limited daylight hours, we are excited to announce that Quarry Park will be starting up Night Golf for those that are eager to play on into the night!
It will take place on Tuesday and Saturday evenings and we are looking to begin on Tuesday, 15th December at 7:30 pm. Although there will be no fixed cut-off time to your play, we ask that you please arrive between 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm as it will help ensure the event is better-managed while also allowing it to end at a reasonable time. For those solo golfers who may be interested to play but wish to join a group, please arrive at 7:30 pm, so that you can be assigned one if possible.
As it will follow the same course layout, we will be charging the standard short-course fee for non-members (£5 for adults, £3.50 for children) and a discounted £3 for members. We ask that you please pay on arrival as this event will not be supported by the current QP booking system.
In regard to discs, we will be supplying the Glow Lander disc for hire at an additional fee of £2, or buy one for £12, and get your first glow round for free. For those that are looking to up their game that little bit extra, we will also be supplying sets of Flashflight discs (putter, mid-range and driver), which have integral LED’s, and cost £49. Some people attach batteries and LED’s to their regular discs, so you can sort that out yourself if you prefer.
You should bring a torch/flashlight to “charge up” your glow disc, and see where you are going!
If this interests you then it would help us gain an idea of its potential popularity if you indicated your intentions on the facebook event on the Quarry Park page.
Thanks, and hope to see you on the course!

Opening Times

We are closed due to covid regulations. Hopefully we will be allowed to reopen on 29th March
Weekdays closed
Weekends closed

Please book via


Short course (17 holes of 45m)
Adults £5, Children £3.50
Regular Course (18 holes of 90m)
Adults £7 Children £5
Free hire 1 disc/person




Welcome to the home page for the Quarry Park Disc Golf Course. Situated on Old Milverton Lane on the edge of Leamington Spa, this is a unique facility in Britain, in that the land was purchased and landscaped specifically for disc golf.

Disc Golf is a great sport or activity for all ages and abilities, and QP has been meticulously designed to be fair to beginners and challenging to pros. We welcome everyone from family groups and tourists looking for a fun frisbee activity, to professional level players from abroad. Disc golf is great for group outings too - we have had stag parties, sports clubs, scout groups, office outings, church groups, round table etc.....


What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a lot of fun and is similar in concept to traditional ball golf. The object is to get a frisbee disc into a basket in as few shots as possible.


Visitor FAQ's

Check the FAQ's page for answers to frequently asked questions.



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Mobile: 07780727921 
Home: 01926 864136 to speak to Derek Robins, or more hear a recorded message. 

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