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This video shows the blue course, but with a couple of black course tee positions..


Reserve Your Tee-Time


Quarry Park Open 2024

The 2024 Quarry Park Open - Aug30 - Sept 1

We ask that visitors book a tee-time at quarrypark.app
Whilst not essential, this does help in many ways:
1. You have the reassurance that the course is not closed for an event and you won't be turned away due to it being super-busy
2. Bookings smooth the flow of visitors, thus reducing congestion at potentially busy times
3. By taking payment in advance, we save time processing payments at the course. 
4. There's typically only 1 member of staff on duty and if no bookings are registered they may lock the shop and be out working on the course
We are flexible with bookings in that we can refund if you have to cancel or if one of your party drops out. You can also pay for an extra person at the course. We are not strict with tee times, so you can usually start earlier if you arrive early, or later if you arrive late.

Opening Times

Weekends and Bank Holidays 10:00 to 18:00
Tuesday to Friday:
12:00 to sunset (11am for half term). 
Closed Mondays (except for bank holidays)
NB We may be able to open early by arrangement. We may close early if there are no bookings.
* Course reserved for tournament 30-31 August

Please book via

Prices including VAT 

New Short course (15 holes of 45m)
Adults £6, Children £4
Regular Course (18 holes of 90m)
Adults £8.50 Children £6
Day rate £16 (£12)
Free hire 1 disc/person
Annual subs £200 (£150)



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