Conditions of Participation in 25th Quarry Park Open
Eurotour standards require a player waiver as a condition of participation.
  1. I recognise and accept that there are risks of injury involved in participating in the 25th Quarry Park Open (hereafter referred to as “the event”) Risks may arise from the actions or inactions of others and from the condition of the course and equipment.
  2. I agree to conduct myself with all due regard for my own safety and the safety of everyone else on the course.
  3. I will not hold responsible the organisers, PDGA, course owner or volunteers for any losses, liabilities or claims relating to my participation in the event.
  4. I consent to being filmed and photographed whilst at the tournament site, and to the organisers and the PDGA using those images for publicity and promotion.
  5. I will abide by PDGA rules of play and competition manual and not be so egotistical as to expect that the tournament director or fellow players will turn a blind eye to contraventions of those rules. I recognise that Competition Manual rule 3.03.C.4 applies to this B-Tier event, and this directs the Tournament Director to disqualify without prior warning any competitor consuming or displaying alcohol or marijuana during competition rounds.