Quarry Park has an on-site shop with more than 1000 discs in stock as well a s wide variety of disc golf bags, towels, baskets and other disc golf accessories.  The main brand that we stock is Innova, but we have a fair selection of Latitude 64, and a limited range of  Discraft and Discmania. We can take payment by debit or credit card in the shop. Main prices are as follows

Latitude Retro: £7
Innova DX: £7.50
Latitude 64 Zero: £7.5
Discraft D plastic: £8
Innova Pro and Discraft X plastic: £10
Latitude 64 Opto: £11
Innova Champion: £11.5
Latitude 64 Gold: £12
Innova Star and Discraft Z: £12
Discraft ESP/FLX: £12.5
Bags start from £11
Portable baskets from £130
Add £2 for dyed and glow discs
Beginner pack of 3 Golf Discs by Latitude 64 just £20!!
There are hundreds of combinations of different molds and plastics, so I have written some advice on what to buy when you start out.
Here are links to the 2 main manufacturers, where you can find specific details of all their products.