27th Quarry Park Open (12-13th June) and Quarry Park Amateur Event (16th May)
The rapid growth of disc golf and demand for places in tournaments is giving tournament directors some challenges in how to allocate places. To enable as many people as possible to play an event at Quarry Park, we are prioritising higher rated players for the Open and lower rated or unrated players for the Amateur event. Putting that simple idea into a registration procedure is not so simple, so apologies for the confusion which may ensue! We won't be able to please all the people all the time.
Your Options
If you have a rating of at least 900 (800 for Women) or are registered as a Pro player, you will have priority to play in the QP Open, and will not be eligible for the Amateur event on 16th May
If you have a rating of 850 to 899 you can choose either the Amateur event on 16th May, or the 2-day Quarry Park Open, but will only be allowed to play one of them. You can indicate your preference.
If you have a rating of less than 850 (800 for Women), or no rating at all, it is unlikely that any places will be available in the QP Open. Go for the 1 day event.
Registration Phases
April 14th-18th -.Registration is open to all. Places will be allocated as follows: -
  • Quarry Park members and Women can register for either tournament in line with the “Options” listed above. Please pay immediately
  • Players with a rating of 900+ applying for the QPO will get a place, so please pay immediately.
  • For men with a rating of less than 900 we will allocate places by lottery on 19th April and notify you by email. Don’t make payment until we notify you that you have a place.
April 19th – 25th Payment must be received in the QP club account, otherwise your place will be forfeited.
April 26th Any forfeited places will be reallocated to players on the waiting list.
If there should happen to be unfilled places on April 26th, we will of course accept registrations on a first come first served basis.
It may be that some tweaks are required to resolve unforeseen issues.
The Open will be a PDGA B Tier, and will probably consist of 2 rounds of 18 on Saturday, and a 21 hole round on the Sunday incorporating the 4 extra holes on the new field as well as extended versions of the woods holes (black 9 and 10) . The Amateur Event will be a PDGA C Tier, with 2 rounds of 18 holes, most likely utilising the red and blue tees. Payout ratios will be met after allowing for green fees of a maximum of £10 for the one day event and £16 for the 2 day event, plus BDGA/PDGA sanctioning fees.
Entry fees should be paid via bank transfer to 040004 77216758. This a Monzo account administered by Dom Hudson. Putting all fees through this account enables us to keep track of the money and reduces the load on the tournament director, so please don’t send money to any other account, and don’t try paying at the course.
May 16th           £18 entry fee (£10 for Junior Divisions) Probably 72 players
June 12-13th      £40 for Pro Divisions, £30 for Amateur Divisions, £20 Junior Divisions 84 players
A Google Form will be linked from here on the evening of 13th April after the new PDGA ratings are published.